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Purpose : The purpose of this user policy is to ensure proper use of the venue/meeting rooms of DIU keeping reputation of the university and smooth official operations among different offices.

Rules & regulations:

1. Requisition : Concerned office/section will have to place a requisition for the room before at least 7 days of the scheduled meeting or program. Instant information or request may not be accepted. Reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis except emergency matter.
2. Requisition Form : Requisition is to be given through the prescribed requisition form uploaded in DIU Website for Downloading. Total plan/schedule of the program with participant's information must be submitted with the application form.
3. Fees/payment : Prescribed fees deposit document (of the Account section/ authorized office) will have to attach while submitting the requisition.
4. Follow-up & Taking Care : Concern section will make follow-up to the authorized office to see the acceptance of the application and response. They will have to take over charge of the room 1 hour before of the scheduled program or meeting.
5. Eligibility : Room will be used only for official meeting or conference or any other program related to DIU and concerns under Daffodil Family.
6. Booking Cancellation : If the Room requisition needs to cancel or postpone, host must inform the venue authority 2 days before of the program or meeting.
7. Extra Decoration : For any kinds of extra decoration in the room and surrounding areas concern section need to take prior permission with design from the authority.
8. Activities Limitation : The room will be used for only for program related with education and social awareness. Any kinds of program which will break DIU rules hamper university reputation, against social values and national rules will not be accepted and not allowed to continue in the room. Any kinds of drugs, alcohol, inflammable materials, match, arms, ammo, knife, blade, etc. are not permitted in the area. As the room is situated in DIU premises, sound and quality must be in standard system so that other activities of DIU do not hamper by the program.
9. Food & Refreshment : No food will be allowed inside the room except VIP guests. The outside area of the room will be allowed for food or refreshment (if needed). Venue authority will not provide any refreshment. It should have borne by the host. Food must be collected from DIU authorized vendors like Startup Restaurant. Junk or unhealthy food is strongly prohibited.
10. Charge handover : They office or section must leave the room or hall before 30 minutes of the assigned time and confirm cleanliness issue to make ready for next use.
11. Proper Use of Resources : Concerned section or office need to ensure the proper use of all resources of the room (like: IT accessories, light, AC, fan, chair, table, wall, multimedia, sofa etc.).
12. Cleanliness Issue : User must take highest care regarding cleanliness, security and caring issue during use of the room. Rooms should be left in a neat and orderly condition.
13. Penalty for damaging or misuse of resources : Any damage of official property/ material in and around the venue is prohibited. If the host fails to ensure safety of resources, they have to pay back or penalize as per university rules.
14. Reservation Cancelation : DIU authority has the right to cancel the booking or limit the time of program due to any urgent or important issue or unavoidable circumstances.
15. Parking : Car/vehicle parking charge will be cut from the visitors or guest of the program or meeting except VVIP as per rule. It is host's responsibility to ensure parking of the guests by consulting to the basement reception.
16. IT, PR & Media Lab Support : Concerned section or offices have to inform to the IT Section, Public Relation Office & Media Lab 3 days before the program for necessary photographic and video recording support and other media coverage.


Morning Slot

9:00 am to 12:00 pm



Day Slot

1.00 pm to 4.00 pm



Evening Slot

5:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Per Slot Rate for Using Venue

SL Venue Fee for Outsiders Fee for Sister Concerns Fee for DIU Clubs Fee for DIU Students Activities Fee for DIU Seminar/Workshop Fee for DIU Central Activities
1. 52 Milonayoton Daffodil Tower (4th Floor) TK. 17000 TK. 6000 TK. 2000 TK. 1500 TK. 2000 TK. 1000
2. 71 Milonayoton Daffodil Tower (Ground Floor) TK. 20000 TK. 7000 TK. 2000 TK. 1500 TK. 2000 TK. 1000
3. Banquet Hall TK. 14000 TK. 6000 TK. 2000 TK. 1500 TK. 2000 TK. 1,000
4. Dieital Classroom TK. 14000 TK. 6000 TK. 2000 TK. 1500 TK. 2000 TK. 1,000
5. Normal Classroom TK. 2000 TK. 1000 Nill Nill Nill Nill
6. Students' Lounge TK. 2000 TK. 1000 Nill Nill Nill Nill

All the fees will be applicable for per slots. The user will be responsible for looking after the cleanliness while using the resources.
For any damage of furnifure, user will have to compensate. DIU has all the rights to cancel the reservation any time it wants.